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An Invisible Story

An Invisible Jet is a music project created from the invisible void of the internet for an invisible audience.  

In the early 2000s, frontman Matt Blum wrote the songs for his debut album while playing with friends in a college band known as Wounded Soldier in Spokane, WA. The songs had a lot of promise, taking inspiration from the guitar-driven rock bands popular in their formative years such as built to spill, dinosaur jr., and the pixies. However, the songs were not only rough around the edges but performed at a time when a proper recording normally required studio time or access to expensive equipment.

The band went separate ways after graduating, and each of them settled into their careers with music becoming a back-burner hobby. Matt continued to write music, but settled into a career as a divorce lawyer in the Pacific Northwest. These songs were not given much thought, until the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the status quo. The time in isolation was used to learn music production and the songs from his youth were used as the test subject. 

It is common in the music industry for an older, wiser producer to take the talent of a youthful band and mold it into something that is much more presentable. This is the rare circumstance where that old, grizzled producer and the youthful band are one in the same. An Invisible Jet was formed.

It is unknown where this project will end up but the plan is to continue to share music in whatever form seems appropriate at the time. 


An Invisible Album for my Invisible Friends

Listen to the debut album from An Invisible Jet

Some Invisible Press

"Right off the bat this song wasted no time in serving a grand entrance. The melody revvs up after a bone chattering guitar intro meets drums headfirst, the lone sounds a solid several seconds before the vocals are ever introduced. And the vocal introduction is subtle in comparison. Think moody Pixie’s energy, never speaking louder than you need to until absolutely necessary. And he maintains this energy even into a spoken word bridge/pre-chorus, which throws heavy impact on the short but explosive chorus yelling one singular statement, “You can touch my face.” It’s the perfect amount of layering, 1990’s anger in a screaming guitar, and feels multidimensional well beyond the scope of this surprisingly being a one-man project."

-Glasse Factory

"An Invisible Jet’s ‘You Can Touch MY FACE’ is an addictive, guitar-driven, alternative rock banger, whose lyrics “were inspired by early pandemic, telling a tale of attraction and acceptance"

-Last Day Deaf

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"We are super excited to share this amazing song “Revamp” by Portland, OR music project An Invisible Jet, started by composer, musician, and guitarist Matt Blum in 2020. The minute we heard Matt’s voice we couldn’t get it out of our heads! He has one of the catchiest and most beautiful voices we’ve heard in months! The guitars are amazing and the atmosphere is unique. The production of this song is polished and the lyrics are original, well-written, and mesh perfectly with the vocal melodies. Matt Blum is a professional artist and his music is unique and sets him apart from the crowd. This song is a great experience from start to finish! We hope you love it as much as we do!"

-Cheers to the Vikings


Some Invisible Videos

Here are some videos I made with my moving picture machine


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